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Microflex - The Most Trusted Name in Gloves

At Shoe Inn, we only offer the highest quality shoe covers, and the same goes for our protective Microflex disposable gloves. For over 20 years, Microflex has been recognized as the quality leader among hand protection providers, and we proudly carry an extensive selection of their wholesale disposable gloves, which are the best gloves available. With the Microflex name comes the assurance of scientific advancement, superior product offerings, exceptional quality, and an all-encompassing product education. They have developed a history of connecting with customers and understanding their needs. Their passion for exceptional glove design makes it possible for professionals to do their jobs better, and most importantly, protect glove wearers when and where they need it the most. Check out our selection of Microflex disposable gloves below.

FREE SAMPLES of our Microflex gloves are available to request.

About Microflex Gloves

Since its founding in 1988, Microflex has worked to not only meet, but exceedthe expectations of their customers through their:

  • Reputation and history of developing specialized products
  • Proven advantage in evolving their product line to meet the changing needs of customers
  • Continued work and advancement in improving their existing products
  • Being on the forefront of new technologies and glove solutions

We understand that you have many choices for your hand protection and glove needs. But if you are looking for a market leader with a desire to meet the needs and desires of its customers, you should look no further than Microflex. Does it really matter what glove brand you choose? Yes, it does.

When it comes to the health and safety of customers, integrity and reputation matter. Rest assured that Microflex is absolutely committed--at every level of the business--to giving you the best product possible. Browse our selection of Microflex latex gloves and nitrile gloves today!

The Microflex Chemical Resistance Guide is available to download below (.pdf files require Adobe Acrobat to view):

Microflex Chemical Resistance Guide