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Are you considering purchasing shoe covers and a shoe cover dispenser from Shoe Inn? Do you need to calculate how many shoe covers your facility uses monthly? Simply enter the number of employees who use shoe covers, the number of pairs they wear per day or shift (default value of 4 can be changed), and the number of working days per month (default value of 22 can be changed), and the calculator will tell you the number of shoe covers used monthly and the equivalent number of cases of shoe covers by each type.

How many shoe covers do you use per month?

Shoe Cover Usage Calculator

Enter # of Employees:
Enter Applications/Pairs per Day/Shift:
# of Booties per Application:
Enter # Work Days per Month:
Click button to calculate your usage:
Total # of shoe covers needed monthly:
= Cases of Plastic (7PLA-110HC)
= Cases of Fabric (7FAB-100HC)
= Cases of Fabric w/ Traction (7FWT-100HC)
= Cases of 40 gram Fabric (7FAB-80HC)
= Cases of 40 gram w/ Traction (7FWT-80HC)
= Cases of Hybrid (7HBD-70HC)
= Cases of Super (7SUP-80HC)
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