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Shoe Covers

At Shoe Inn, we offer high quality shoe covers for a variety of needs. Most notably, our high capacity dispenser machines offer the fastest and safest way to put booties on your team's shoes thus increasing efficiency and reducing down time.

Give us a call at 877-595-7463 with any questions you may have. We are available to answer your calls Monday thru Friday from 8 - 5 pm pacific time.

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We make putting shoe covers on and taking them off faster, easier, safer and cleaner.™

Our business and high volume-packaged disposable shoe covers are for your cleanrooms, labs, manufacturing plants or factories that require quality shoe booties. Here you will find bundles (cartridges) of disposable hospital shoe covers for use in our Shoe Inn Fusion and Shoe Inn Stay automatic shoe cover dispensers in nearly any type of industrial or commercial application, including the oil and tar sands industries, and industries that deal with
USP 797/800 (hospital pharmacies), HACCP and GMPs.

Cartridges range from 70 to 110 shoe booties, depending on the type of shoe cover. These disposable booties have different characteristics in terms of durability, breathability, traction, and waterproof quality, and some deal specifically with electrostatic discharge (ESD), as indicated in the product descriptions and the comparison chart. We invite you to find your perfect disposable shoe covers today.

Click here for a comparison chart of the various shoe cover types (.pdf files require Adobe Acrobat to view).

To receive a no-obligation quote, including volume pricing, on shoe covers and our automatic shoe cover dispensers, please fill out this shoe cover price quote form.

Need to calculate how many reusable shoe booties your facility uses monthly? Click here for a convenient shoe cover usage calculator, which will also give you the equivalent number of cases of disposable plastic boot covers by each type.

***Please note that our disposable shoe covers can be used by themselves or with our automatic shoe cover dispensers. Also, these booties will work in some other dispensers (KBLG and KBSM models). Please call us if you have any questions.***