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Shoe Cover Machine Instructions

Complete user manuals (with troubleshooting instructions) and separate loading and usage instructions in various formats for our Fusion and Stay automatic shoe cover dispensers are available to download below along with additional hinge spacing troubleshooting instructions (.pdf files require Adobe Acrobat to view):

'Fusion' Shoe Cover Machine

Fusion User Manual


Dispenser Visual Loading Instructions

Fusion Visual Loading Instructions

Fusion Detailed Visual Loading Instructions

Fusion Written Loading Instructions


Fusion Visual Use Instructions

Fusion Written Use Instructions

'Stay' Shoe Cover Machine

Stay User Manual


Dispenser Visual Loading Instructions

Stay Visual Loading Instructions

Stay Detailed Visual Loading Instructions

Stay Written Loading Instructions


Stay Visual Use Instructions

Stay Written Use Instructions

Stay "How To Use" Instructions

Adjustable Loading (rail spacing) Feature

Adjustable Loading Feature Instuctions

Silver 'Tongue' Troubleshooting

Silver "Tongue" Troubleshooting Instructions

Hinge Spacing Troubleshooting

Hinge Spacing Troubleshooting Instructions