I'd like to take this time to comment on the quality of your products. The Shoe Inn System of shoe cover machines has been very well received by my cleanroom staff...All pharmacists rotate through the cleanroom as a job assignment. This requires that they go in and out of the room frequently during the day. The Shoe Inn System allows them to rapidly get into shoe covers and then proceed to cross the line of demarcation and continue on to proper garbing. The addition of your HealthySole disinfection machine has further enhanced our garbing process. The HealthySole machine has eliminated our use of the sticky mats outside the anteroom entrance thereby giving a more positive first impression to inspectors. [Our facility] had its unannounced CMS Joint Commission survey in early March. The physician surveyor, Dr. Furman, made it clear on the first day of the survey that he would be doing an intensive review of our cleanroom procedures. He was very positively impressed with both the Shoe Inn System and the HealthySole disinfection device.
- A. Melchert, Director of Pharmacy, hospital in New York


As a paint manufacturing plant, our #1 concern is safety for vendors that assist us with our equipment. We are required to wear ESD shoes, which help keep the static charge down. Anyone that walks into our manufacturing area is required to wear ESD covers over their shoes. The shoe cover dispenser allows individuals to place their shoe covers on in a much smoother process. Everyone of our vendors loves how convenient and easy it is to work with. Also, the customer service for Shoe Inn is astronomically fantastic. We had our logo placed on the dispenser. I emailed a copy of our logo. For some reason it was not as accurate as I had hoped and their team went above and beyond to correct our logo. Shoe Inn is very helpful in whatever type of shoe cover/dispenser you are looking into and is concerned that you get exactly what you are ordering. That is what I call exceptional customer service!!! Thank you!!!
- C. Simar, Office Administrator, Ennis Flint Salem Plant


Shoe Inn spent two days with us demonstrating their automatic shoe cover dispensers and different types of shoe covers. They were receptive to our request to upgrade their Super Reboots, which we have since put into use in multiple facilities along with several of the large (Stay) dispensers. As a result, we have been able to cut costs and improve safety and efficiency.
- C. Johnson, a national aerospace company


There were a handful of things that we changed at the same time when we implemented the shoe cover machines. We have experienced a reduction in environmental monitoring hits and I am sure that wearing the shoe covers in the non-classified area has helped. The shoe covers are helping to reduce the dirt traffic in the corridors leading to the GMP airlocks. There is a big difference in the visible dirt build up in one of our corridors where we don’t wear the shoe covers versus where we do. Both areas have the same flooring but the shoe covers help in minimizing the dirt.
- David Ward, Sr. Facility Coordinator, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company


…to tell you how awesome the shoe cover dispenser is!!! It is definitely a worthy investment that all the folks here at Adnexus have been talking about how much they like it…thanks for all the help and time you’ve spent with e-mails back and forth in getting this set up, brilliant!! We couldn’t be more pleased.
- Jenn Jobin, Adnexus Therapeutics, a Bristol-Myers Squibb R&D Co.


As a food ingredient manufacturer, we face many challenges on any given day. One ongoing challenge is foot traffic, and shoe cover stations. Everyone is aware of the 'awkwardness' of applying a bootie on one's foot, and either sitting on a bench or the lifting and balancing act of standing on one foot to apply the shoe cover. We just 'accepted' this as an industry standard, until we were made aware of Shoe Inn and their product line. We started out with one bootie applicator and shoe coverings in order to analyze the product to see if it was what we were looking for. What a great product!!! Gone are the safety issues of balancing on one leg or the need to have benches stationed throughout the facility in order to apply shoe covers. Now as simple as 1...2...3, a person can apply shoe covers and get moving with no interruption to their schedule. Jeff Foster is great to work with, and has taken some of our suggestions and given great feedback in return. We now have a total of three shoe covering stations, and are looking in the future at buying two more. Again, what great ingenuity and excellence in a product. Thank you, Shoe Inn!!!
- Larry Ewen, QA Lead, Remington, IN


The High Energy Density Physics Research Group at The Ohio State University has been using the Shoe Inn Stay with Plastic Reboots in a Class 1000 clean room environment for six months. Jeff Foster was a pleasure to work with and our “Stay” is beautifully customized with our lab logo. We have received nothing but positive response from laboratory guests and visiting scientists.
- Rebecca Daskalova, Research Associate, The Ohio State University


It is so amazing what folks have to say when I have them put their booties on before we go in to the plaster room and everyone says they had no idea there was such a thing as the bootie machine and how simple it is. I tell them all about it and how it makes everyone’s life so simple and how it saves time and makes it safer for our employees. I have told them it is the greatest thing invented since sliced bread! We love them and so many visitors comment on how much they LOVE the machines we have. They are great. It is so much easier to get our employees to put them on than without the machine!
-Dawn Livingston, Purchasing & Logistics, Aspen Seating LLC/Ride Designs


I would like to thank you and your staff for providing us this incredible product. All our employees at EaglePicher Medical Power Vancouverare very satisfied with the Shoe Inn dispensers. They are grateful of the EaglePicher management for introducing this product in the facility. No one has to bend down and twist their back in order to wear shoe covers manually. These shoe cover dispensers are very easy to use and are extremely reliable. Thanks again.
- Paul Dhillon, Maintenance Manager, EaglePicher Medical Power, Vancouver, BC


We here at Flint Infrastructure Services Ltd. have been using the Shoe Inn Stay automatic boot cover dispenser for quite some time now. We are very pleased with the operation of this unit and the ease of use, and the ease of refilling this product. We have found an increase in the use of boot covers and a dramatic reduction in the amount of custodial services required. We use on average 50,000 boot covers a month in the muddy conditions we incur. And the pricing for these products is more than market competitive. I would recommend this state of the art product to anyone in any industry as this product will reduce overall custodial costs and you'll have a more sanitized workplace.
- Dwayne Barron, Equipment Team Lead, Flint Infrastructure Services Ltd.


Jeff, our staff here at SpecialTeam Medical Services Inc, would like to thank you and your staff for all your hard work and continued effort in making the Shoe Inn dispenser a part of our everyday gowning procedures. Before using the dispenser, our staff was bending over to manually put on their shoe covers, but now using the shoe cover dispenser, the staff just slides the covers on without any effort and it definitely reduces back fatigue. Your customer service is by far the best service I have had in years and we look forward to continued support from you and your company. Thank you, thank you, thank you….
- Cledale Williams, SpecialTeam Medical Services, Inc.


We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Shoe Inn. We have found their service to be dependable and friendly. Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company.
- Michele Sepulveda, Buyer/Planner II, Newport Corporation


Recently we purchased a Shoe Inn Stay and fabric booties with traction. The dispenser is working great and loading is easy and simple. We are satisfied with the product. The service given prior to the purchase was professional. You provided us with different booties to try out. We will be purchasing another Stay with more booties next week.
- Éric DÉSY, Production Manager, Chef Production Fabrication, E-Z-EM Canada Inc.


Since we are a health service facility it is paramount to keep the treatment area clean and spotless at all times. The Fusion dispenser was just the perfect solution. It doesn't need a power source, it's simple and does the job! Another advantage - there are 6 types of shoe covers designed for almost any application. All it takes - to contact Jeff Foster and explain the circumstances and start a new, "clean" life!
- Andrew Karn, Office Manager, Artek Dental Care, Calgary, AB


I have to say that the Shoe Inn Fusion is amazing.....I am a flight attendant on a private plane and the interior of our plane was just redone with beautiful white new carpet. Since its my responsibility for the upkeep of the interior of the aircraft, I knew I was going to have a problem. I just purchased the Shoe Inn Fusion and I couldn't be happier. No matter the size or the shoe it works beautifully.....I have it set up at the top of the stairs and our passengers just place their foot in and slide it out easily and their shoe is covered, no fuss no mess.....I cannot believe how easy it is to use even the kids can do it by themselves, it is such a relief!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it.....Thank you Jeff for your awesome customer service, you made it so easy.....
- Amber Dorowa, Crest Aviation


Your shoe cover machine was the hit of our cadaver lab! The shoe covers also had great traction and were much easier to remove than the previous covers I was using. You have a permanent customer.
- Matt Danley, Event Coordinator, Acumed

I wanted to extend a thank you and some praise for your product. It has become a running gag here that when surgeons visit our lab they are more amazed at the Shoe Inns than our own devices! Everyone who comes in goes “WOW look at these things, how amazing, it just puts the bootie right on your foot!” Even my own mother, a nearly 30-year OR nurse, came for a tour and was absolutely wowed by the Shoe Inns. Thank you for providing continued support to our team.
- Ryan Danko, Cadaver Lab Coordinator, Acumed


They are working great. The home show started this last weekend and goes for two weeks. There have been a couple of businesses that asked about them. The people love them!! Says it so much better than the other homes without them. We tell them all we love about you!!
- Kevin Pritchett, Salem, UT


Dear Sir: The case of gloves were delivered last Friday. They should last awhile but as a mechanic I go through them rather quickly. I will definitely order from you again when the time comes. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
- Earl Barrett, Fackler Transportation Inc., Colorado Springs, CO


We are very pleased with the product we are ordering and the timely fashion in which it is delivered. I do want you to know that we are totally satisfied with the service and product you provide.
- Anonymous, an international entertainment company


I appreciate your sense of urgency. We really needed those booties and you came through. I appreciate the great service Shoe Inn has given us and would stand by your motto of great customer service.
- Edward Tamasi, Sanitation Supervisor, The Green Valley Pecan Company


Thank you for the card! It came today. The production staff are happy with the shoe covers (white elastic ones) and dispenser.
- Doris Lam, Sorin Group


The order was delivered on time and the item was exactly what I ordered. Thank you.
- Reliance Furniture Service


The shoe covers are exactly what I wanted! I had a variety of covers to choose from, the ordering process was easy and the order arrived quickly. My carpet shampooer and I will have many less workouts! Thanks very much!
- Rosemary L.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm delighted and so happy that I discovered you. Right away your service was really friendly and complete and I am amazed that my shoe covers have already arrived, only one day after I spoke with you. Tra la! Such service is outstanding and I'll certainly encourage my friends to order from you.....I think we've all been tracking in lots of what should remain outside. No more tracks over the floors, gumming up the entrance rugs or tediously taking off our shoes....that never is successful for long! It's also a wonderful way to give the vacuum cleaner a rest and feel absolutely carefree going in and out of the house. Hurrah! and thanks again.
- Susanne F., Palo Alto, CA


I just want to advise you that we have already received the booties (wow!!) that was super fast! I would like to thank you & your team for your quick actions.
- Sharon de Rozario, Aliments ED Foods Inc., Quebec


Thank you both for your amazing customer service.
- Nishon Jones, Pharmacy Buyer, UC Davis Health System


Thanks Jeff! Your customer service when helping me order these was so helpful. I appreciate that kindness!
- Tiffany Boyer, Bonne Terre, MO