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Over shoes have been discontinued by the Manufacturer

Unfortunately one of our favorite products, overshoes, were discontinued during the pandemic. We have been searching for a replacement, however, nothing has come close to our overshoes. After almost 2 years of being unsuccessful in finding a replacement, we are putting these product pages to rest.

We know we can't replace these but we do have a semi disposable shoe cover that is waterproof. Follow the link to view
30 Day Disposable Shoe Covers

With its ultra-light technology and step-in-step-out hands free design, Shoe In (cleverly named but not to be confused with us, Shoe Inn) is the perfect answer to everyday problems. Wear these slip-resistant shoe covers outside to protect your shoes or wear them inside to protect your floors. These safety shoe covers are easy to clean and easier to wear!

Made from high quality EVA material, Shoe In slip resistant overshoes come in various styles: open toe, closed toe (safety and non-safety versions), and studded for icy conditions. Stop dirt and mud at the door with a pair of Shoe Inn over shoe covers.

Please note: Shoe In overshoes are made of high quality EVA material for lasting comfort. The shoe/boot you wear with any Shoe In will determine proper fit. No Shoe In should be used for climbing or running as this may pose a potential trip hazard. Do not wear Shoe Inn slip resistant covers for shoes while driving. Our slip-resistant covers for shoes cannot prevent all slips and falls. Shoe In with Ice-Ts (Ice Traction System) should only be worn on ice/snow covered surfaces. Shoe Inn slip resistant overshoes are tested to the ASTM F 2413-05 standard but cannot comply with the standard (the ASTM F 2413-05 standard states no overshoe can meet or comply with the standard).

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