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Say goodbye to harsh chemicals! Your shoes will thank you.
Reduce the spread of pathogens by disinfecting your soles with UVC germicidal light.
HealthySole is the missing solution to a truly disinfected environment! It is the first clinically proven UVC product to kill up to 99.99% of exposed microorganisms. This revolutionary product is essential in the reduction of spreading all pathogens, which cause contamination and infections, that travel on the soles of footwear.

By adding HealthySole to an existing infection control program (such as booties or dedicated shoes), the facility will decrease the overall microbial load starting with shoe and floor contamination. HealthySole is an active UVC germicidal system that reduces contamination and infectious organisms with virtually no workflow interruption, additional staff or monetary cost to operate. HealthySole could allow you to replace messy chemical baths that need to be maintained and result in safety hazards with liquids being tracked around the facility. In addition to hospitals, industries that could use HealthySole include food processing, laboratory animal research, etc.

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