Consumer Shoe Covers

These shoe booties are primarily for home and light-duty use, and we even have shoe covers for small-sized feet! Our disposable booties have different characteristics in terms of traction, durability, and waterproof abilities, outlined in the product description and in our comparison chart (pdf files require Adobe Acrobat to view).

Most of the shoe booties below can be purchased in higher quantities to get a discounted price and FREE shipping. Simply select a shoe cover type and click on the "View quantity discounts" button on that product page, which will open in a separate window showing the quantities and savings.

Note: the quantity discounts shown will be automatically applied to your order when you place the specified number of boxes or packs in your shopping cart.

Purus Intro Mat System - Sticky Mats

The Purus Intro Mat system provides an innovative way of removing dirt and other particle contaminants from foot traffic and equipment before entry into a cleanroom or controlled environment. The sticky mat system is comprised of a 30- or 60-layer mat mounted on a reusable polystyrene frame (single or double width). Equipped with multiple layers, and fully coated with a particle-grabbing adhesive, these tacky mats are perfect for your cleanroom, laboratory, construction site, home, or business. And once the top layer becomes saturated, you just need to remove that layer to reveal a brand-new, high efficiency layer, ready to use!

Stop Dirt at the Door and Keep your Shoes Clean with Shoe In Overshoes!

With its ultra-light technology and step-in-step-out hands free design, Shoe In is the perfect answer to everyday problems. Wear them outside to protect your shoes or wear them inside to protect your floors. Easy to clean and easier to wear!

Made from high quality EVA material, Shoe In slip resistant overshoes come in various styles: open toe, closed toe and studded for icy conditions.

Disposable Gloves

Here at Shoe Inn we pride ourselves on carrying a range of quality products to meet our customers' needs. We now have a variety of disposable glove brands so that you have options for your hand protection.