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Customer Testimonials

Your shoe cover machine was the hit of our cadaver lab! The shoe covers also had great traction and were much easier to remove than the previous covers I was using. You have a permanent customer.
- Matt Danley, Event Coordinator, Acumed

Disposable shoe covers are an important shield against dirt, grime, and other contaminants.


Several types of shoe covers for a variety of applications.


The ultimate non-electric, automatic shoe cover dispensers.


Customize your dispenser with your logo/slogan.

We make putting shoe covers on faster, easier, and safer.™

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Did you come here looking for shoe covers or shoe booties? Well, we have several types of disposable shoe covers, but we also have something else--a Shoe Inn shoe cover dispenser--to help protect your floors, prevent contamination, and maintain a clean, professional environment. It is as simple as putting your shoe in our automatic shoe cover dispenser, which instantly covers it with our high-quality disposable booties! Practical, cost-effective, and convenient, Shoe Inn is the ultimate shoe cover dispenser from the company whose name says it all.

Our shoe cover dispensers come in two models, neither of which require electricity. The Shoe Inn Fusion is a mid-size disposable shoe cover dispenser for higher volume uses, and the Shoe Inn Stay is our largest automatic bootie dispenser with a handlebar for extra stability. If you would like to learn more about each shoe cover dispenser, please click on the blue product links above. You can also watch our Shoe Inn dispensers being loaded and used in a variety of videos here on our website.

Our shoe covers are known by many other names, such as shoe protectors, hospital booties, medical booties, plastic shoe covers, medical shoe covers, plastic booties, surgical booties, hospital shoe covers, waterproof shoe covers, non-slip shoe covers, cleanroom booties, and non-skid shoe covers.

If you need heavy-duty, disposable protective footwear for use in situations or environments with more challenging conditions, look no further than our PolyCo VR shoe covers and boot covers. With its impervious nature to chemicals, low attraction to radioactive particles, and cold crack resistance, PolyCo VR is the product of choice for critical and controlled environments.

Need to protect your hands? We carry a variety of best-selling protective gloves from Microflex, Ammex, and Sempermed. From nitrile gloves such as MidKnight, GlovePlus, SemperForce and the newest, most technologically advanced exam gloves on the market, XCEED, Xtreme X3, and Tender Touch, to longstanding favorite latex gloves such as Diamond Grip, GloveWorks, and SemperGuard HD, we have an examination glove to meet your needs.

We also carry the most advanced cleanroom tacky mats on the market from Purus International. Their sticky mats are known as Intro Mats and Purus Mats--we have great prices on both. If you do not see what you need, please call us for pricing and availability.

Looking for a particular type of shoe cover? Please give us a call toll-free at 877-595-7463 so we can help you.

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